[Cover Image of Radical Criminology 6]

No 6

"Priorities" by Artact Qc. June 2012.  digital painting.


{ Cover Image: Radical Criminology Issue 5 }

No 5

On our cover, "Es posible!" by 16:9clue {2011, flickr, CC-BY}
from a street in Cuitat Vella, Valencia in Spain, and came out of the anti-austerity 15-M movement of the Indignants (Indignados)


[IMG: Cover, Radical Criminology, Issue 4]

No 4

The image was created by (anonymous) prisoners at Joyceville, for their t-shirt design commemorating Prisoner's Justice Day in 2010... The logo of the upside-down maple leaf, said to be a "sign of distress", was later banned by the Minister of Public Safety at the time, Vic Toews.   Prisoners continue to fight for freedom of expression, and changes to the underlying conditions that cause such distress.
[RC3, Winter 2014.  Cover Artwork: "The Healing Walk, 2013".  By Fanny Aishaa (2014).]

No 3 (2014)

“The Healing Walk, 2013†Original artwork by Fanny Aishaa. 36"X48". Acrylics. (January 2014.) Based on a photo by Mario Jean/“MADOCâ€, from the video, “Bloquons les sables bitumineux / Let’s block the tar sandsâ€:

Artist's Statement by Fanny Aishaa Art.


Radical Criminology 2 -Cover Image-

No 2 (2013)

“Who is the Eco-Terrorist?
Defending food sovereigntyâ€

‘This piece of artwork is a response to the increasing leadership of Indigenous women who are standing up against environmental violence, yet are labeled as terrorists for defending land, bodies, and future generations.’

By Erin Marie Konsmo | July 2013. 8.5 x 11. Sharpies.
Original for Issue #2: Radical Criminology
- ISBN: 0615877575 -


Radical Criminology - Issue One (Cover)

No 1 (2012)

COVER IMAGE: Milica RužiÄić, Zrenjanin: Jugoremedija Struggle, 2004 (Serbia, 2010) Oil painting on canvas.

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