Grabiner | Poem: “All Eyes Are Upon Us”

All Eyes Are Upon Us

Grabiner | Poem: “All Eyes Are Upon Us”

        Mother, mother
        There’s too many of you cryin
Brother, brother, brother
        There’s far too many of you dying

  --Marvin Gaye


... then they stomped

                    John Willet

as he lay on the sidewalk
hands cuffed behind his back
and shot

                    Michael Brown

who was on his way this fall to college

 Stop and frisk
        Stop and frisk

and used a chokehold to kill

                   Eric Garner

who sold cigarettes one-by-one
on the street in Staten Island
and punched again, again
in the face

                   Marlene Pinnock

as she lay on the ground
then they stood around while
an angry bartender
pushed vet

                   William Sager

down the stairs to his death;
maybe they helped hide
the security videotape
then it was

                   Dillon Taylor

in Salt Lake City, and

                   James Boyd

in Albuquerque

and              Darrien Hunt

in Saratoga Springs, Utah--

how about that grandmother

                    Kathryn Johnston

shot to death in a SWAT team raid
gone bad?

then it was
unarmed, homeless, mentally ill

                     Kelly Thomas

clubbed to death by three Fullerton cops
left with pulp for a face

in ‘73 in Dallas

                     Santos Rodriguez

was marked by officer Cain
who played Russian Roulette
with the handcuffed 12-year-old
in his cruiser—
till the .357 fired; Santos’ blood
all over his 13-year-old handcuffed
brother David

and those cries of
19-month-old  Bounkham Phonesavanh
in whose crib
the flash-bang grenade exploded—
his nose blown off

Shelter in place
Shelter in place

or 41 police gunshots at immigrant

                        Amadou Diallo

who died
right there
in the doorway
of his Bx. apt. bldg.

and that cop who shot and killed

                         Aiyana Stanley-Jones

as she slept

and those Cleveland cops who shot

                        Tamir Rice

who had a BB gun
and gave him no first aid--
watched him die

all those police
with gas masks and helmets in

                         Ferguson, Missouri

telling the people

don’t be on the streets after sundown

  Ferguson—still a sundown town
  maybe soon like a town near you

with M-16’s, MRAP’s,
armored personnel carriers—
in this war against the people



Gene Grabiner


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