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Drift: A Criminology of the Contemporary Crisis

Jeff Ferrell


Lives adrift, folks waiting for nothing, others searching for something better: these circumstances today pervade North America and Europe, and circle the globe from North Africa to China. In this sense drift can be seen as the trajectory of those disengaged and dispossessed, perhaps even the signature trajectory of contemporary social and economic life. But what is the criminology of this contemporary drift? That is, how are these unstable circumstances intertwined with issues of crime, law, and social control, and in turn embedded in contemporary configurations of economic and political power? Answers can be found in the emerging economies of global cities; in the dynamic by which contemporary policing strategies both target drift in an attempt to control it and promote further drift as a result; and in the drifting lives of activist groups and alternative subcultures.


drift, crisis, subcultures, Jeff Ferrell

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