Quebec Student Movement > TOUR STOP: Kwantlen

WEDNESDAY at Kwantlen's SURREY Main Campus

(behind the pond, look for our signs.)
Hosted by the Critical Criminology Working Group at Kwantlen.
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Featuring: Jerome Raza has been a student activist and organizer since 2004 and is a former member of the l'ASSE executive board and a founding delegate to CLASSE. He will speak on the events in Quebec, the role of CLASSE in the strike and the methodology behind the student strike.

The purpose of the speaking tour is to give an in-depth look at why radical politics in Quebec have taken the shape of a rank and file, direct action based movement capable of posing a very real threat to the state and its capitalist proponents of education privatization.

But it also will show that the struggle in Quebec is not a special exception. All across the country students are facing rising tuition, fees and DEBT.

Time for a serious look at “combative unionism” and the strategies we can use to fight bad legislation and repression and student poverty.

This tour shows that that the roots of successful struggle lies in organizing along directly democratic lines, and building combativeness, and solidarity.